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Zero carbone emissions logistics has been in our DNA since 2016. We work in partnership with innovative companies who support us towards the objective we have set for ourselves, which is to revolutionize urban transport by exclusively using clean vehicles in our logistics deployments. Eco-friendly delivery is a huge issue in urban areas.

Miist guarantees safety at work, the promotion and development of skills as well as well-being and recognition in the workplace.

The individual person is at the centre of our activities. Respect for commitments (deadlines, quality, people) is present at each stage of the process to better support your development.

All our vehicles are electric. In addition, we reduce environmental impact thanks to our City-Hub network created for optimized logistics and local transport.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. This involves respecting commitments in terms of delivery rate (99%), on-time delivery (95%) and human support with a dedicated after-sales service team to answer your questions and customer requests.

A successful customer experience is our goal. Our engineers have developed a digital platform offering a simple and fast last mile customer experience: booking an express or scheduled delivery in 1 click, tracking the courier in real time via the platform or a tracked link received by SMS, personalized alerts or still automatic reprogramming. In addition to the tracking deliveries, our TMS (transport management software) allows us to optimize routes (routes and assignment of delivery people) and thus reduce our customers’ transport budget and carbone emissions for the planet.

In a recent IFOP survey on Premium delivery services, 78% feel an interest in green delivery and 73% of them think it improves the image of the merchant. Nearly a quarter are even willing to pay more to be delivered by green vehicles.
On the other hand, many urban areas are preparing to establish an Low Emission Zone (LEZ). Here is the map of the deployment of LEZs in France in the years to come. Access to almost all major cities will become more and more difficult, or even exclusively by soft mobility.
Thus, in terms of soft mobility, we are developing our own cargo bike models in a factory in Portugal, by implementing all the improvement techniques (robustness, payload) that our field teams provide to us.
Finally, today’s consumers are more mobile and less patient. They trust brands that use cutting-edge innovation and improve their customer experience. We are therefore constantly innovating, both in terms of the functionalities of our transport tools (TMS, WMS) and in the organization of our Transport and Support teams in order to best meet their requirements.

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